Talia was everything I'd hoped for in a doula. She was knowledgable, patient, calm, encouraging, and sweet. I liked her from the moment we met. She encouraged me to find strength and courage in myself and supported my decisions 100%. I feel lucky to have found Talia and so happy to share the birth of my second daughter with her.

- Melissa Thompson

Having a doula made me feel more confident and secure in my birth.  Talia exceeded my expectations in every way.  She helped me write my birth plan, helped me pack for the hospital, came with me to a medical appointment and prepped me for the physical and emotional process of birthing. Talia had a plan to help with breathing and pain management. She helped create a calm, relaxed environment at home. She fed me honey sticks, played relaxing music and coached me through the process. She is calm yet firm. She is direct yet open. She helped me dance through the struggle of birthing and I owe her everything for making my birth such a wonderful memory. I successfully birthed my son naturally without any drugs through her guidance and support. I cherish my birthing memory and will forever be grateful for all she gave me.  I owe the joy of my birth to the love, patience, experience, guidance and skill of Talia. 

​​​ - ​Leah Verrill

Calming. Empowering. Nurturing. Focused. Knowledgable.  This is how we would describe Talia as our birth doula.  Having her as a true partner during this experience was the best decision that my husband and I made for birth and labor.  Her devotion and guidance strongly helped both my husband and I understand what to expect during labor and the birth of our son.

Talia cheered me on when I had to walk the halls of the hospital to help transition into the next stages of labor.  And, she calmly whispered in my ear telling me that I was doing
great and encouraging me to push when things got scary after our baby's heart rate dropped and the doctors quickly brought everything back to normal, as Talia confidently promised. Most importantly, she laughed and cried with me as we welcomed our beautiful, healthy son into the world for the first time.  

We can't thank Talia enough for being our birth doula and are so happy she was there during the birth! 

​- Abigail and Mike Perri


I consider Talia invaluable in such a pivotal event in my life - experiencing birth as a first time mother.  Talia helped me navigate the questions I had regarding labor, my body and relaxation - things my doctor did not take the time to go through with me. My family and I consider Talia to be "God-sent" in aiding me to psychologically and physically overcome labor contractions and the fear of birth and my unforseen C-section.   I look forward to recommending Talia to anyone I know who will need assistance or guidance with the birthing process.

Talia, My family would like to thank you for your sincere efforts in guiding me and facilitating my birth process.  Thank you for specifically coming to our home and
making an otherwise stressful occasion manageable.  

- Katheryne Delucia

I hired Talia as my doula around my 36th week of pregnancy. It was important that I have support
for my labor and birth because I so desperately wanted a VBAC and I knew that a doula would do everything she could to help support me in that decision as well as be a labor coach for me (labor was something I never got to experience with my first birth) because it was important that I have the support to not give up.  After our first meeting, I knew something magical was going to take place. And that is what my birth experience was like with Talia - magical.

My last 2 weeks were excruciatingly difficult getting hit with the trifecta of feeling mentally weak, emotionally deflated and physically drained. I was into my 41st week and Talia went above and beyond as my doula. She would check in on me encouraging me 
to continue the exercises we practiced, make sure I was using my birth ball and doing mental imagery. She even had me
come over so she could apply acupressure to help induce labor. But the beauty of it was that
during the whole time she was having me climb stairs or applying acupressure she was also
having me talk about my feelings, worries, fears, and hopes for my birth  - she was doubling as a psychologist with out even knowing it. I wanted my VBAC so badly.
She knew that. And she wanted it for me too. 

I was admitted to the hospital at 42 weeks and 2 days. My doc broke my water and Talia held my hand the entire time. 
She continued to provide encouragement and breathing techniques, pain management reminders.  When it was time to push she talked me through it.  
At one point she said, "You're  doing f@&$ing amazing!" She was caught off guard by her own 
swear word but it made us all laugh. I was laughing while I was pushing!!!!!
Then my doctor agreed with her and said, "You are doing f@&$ing amazing!" We laughed again.
And I had a successful VBAC! 

I am so grateful for the nurturing and calm spirit Talia possesses. Anyone would be so lucky to have her as their labor and birth doula. I still feel empowered by my birth experience. It is something that I hope never goes away. And I have Talia to thank for that over and over again.

​- Kristin Moya