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I trained as a professional dancer and after dealing with a range of injuries throughout my career I was introduced to Pilates. The absolute transformation my body has undergone, specifically from an injury management perspective, has made me incredibly passionate about teaching Pilates. I trained at the highly regarded Pilates Sports Center in Encino and am qualified to teach in all apparatus. I work with physician referrals and my classes are geared at strengthening, toning and sculpting the body whilst being mindful of injuries or any physical challenges my clients may have. A large number of my female clients are pre and postnatal.  

​why pilates?

One of the greatest things about Pilates is that classes cater to the individual.  Pilates focuses on improving a client’s individual needs such as posture, flexibility or core strength. Through movement analysis, exercises are designed to create balance, strength, flexibility and coordination.

Pilates is beneficial for general conditioning, but it is also ideal for specific rehabilitation of injuries and conditions. I offer one-on-one Private classes, Semi-Private classes, Group reformer classes and both Pre & Post-Natal Private sessions.

Varies depending on Studio, Location & Class type.

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​why pilates with talia?